Conversion and Growth in the Faith

My conversion to and growth in Christianity is a gradual process and still an ongoing process....

- My eldest brother Daniel is the first Christian in the family.

- Thanks to him, Christ seed was planted in me when I was at primary school when he brought me to church.

- However, I was then a shy and introverted kid that I was not comfortable with church environment. As such, I stopped attending after a while.

- Though at that point, I already believed and called myself a Christian. Now I know I was not a true Christian then.

- In secondary school, I selected Christianity as my subject for religious study to learn a bit more about Christianity. Though still, my understanding was still weak.

- Then, I still I did not attend church or read the bible.

- On one occasion, I was cycling fast along Orchard road and suddenly I heard a voice telling me to turn left at a traffic junction. I turned, and then a car went past me. If I did not turn, I think I would have had a fatal accident. This was my first encounter of God talking to me.

- Then I married my wife who was a non-Christian.

- As our life was so blessed, God was never a topic.

- Then around 2008, she was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. We were devastated.

- Thankfully, my brother and her sister administered to her and she accepted Christ and became a stronger Christian than I am.

- Her sister linked her up with a church mate Aileen.

- Thanks to Aileen, after many invitations from her, we finally joined their care group and start attending Glory Presbyterian Church.

- We both then started to learn more about Christianity and were baptized there and have been worshiping there since.

- In 2016, inspiration came upon me that in a short time, I wrote 6 Christian songs. Over the next few years, I was inspired to write more Christian songs as I learn more about Christ. Each time I am touched by a bible verse or video or event, I would somehow be able to craft up a song. 

- As a creative person, I always have creative ideas coming to me. These I attribute it to God’s way of speaking to me, teaching me and telling me what to do. God has put me through the necessary training and given me the experiences along the way that now, I am able to execute the ideas given by Him.


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